It happened because I visited this place so many times. It also happened because this place captures you with its own magic. If you’re open to it and you let it happen … it will happen.

There are a few places that attract me magically. This is one of these places. I went there with friends to whom the place felt ordinary. But to others and myself this place feels out of this world. It might be the scenery, the atmosphere, the feeling it evokes when you stand there or some secret magical inexpressible something.

I've visited and revisited this pier in Southern Germany many times. In different seasons, in different stages of my life. And I continue to this day. And the magic keeps happening. Every time I revisit, I realize I am a slightly different person. Seeing the place in so many different seasons, each one with its own beauty, gives me the assurance that change itself is natural and beautiful. And that the changing me is so natural as the changing weather.

These images are for you to enjoy (and only minimally edited: stitched to a panorama, white balance adjusted, no photoshop).

Light in the Dark, October 2018  

Blue October 2018  

Hopeful January 2018  

New Year's Eve 2017/2018  

Early Sunrise, November 2017  

Before Sunrise, Early November 2017  

Tranquil Winter Holiday, December 2015  

Christmas Night, December 2015  

Late Spring 2015  

Cloudy September 2014  

Snowfall in a February Night 2013  

Snowy January 2013  

Early October Morning 2011  

Early October Morning 2011  

Summery August 2010