"When you get a style, you are sort of dead." (Harry Callahan)
I've been interested in photography since childhood. I've photographed on film, I've worked in the darkroom, I've studied past and present masters of photography. The more I photograph, the more I like to do it on film for my artistic projects.

"A photo is partly a depiction of reality and partly subjective imagination."

Photography is perception, not categories. It's sensitivity and the ability to translate that into an image. The way you photograph depends on your perception and your background knowledge of the time, place and people.

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I shoot assignment work and personal projects. I am not a sports / wedding / documentary / baby / architecture / fine art / whatever you want photographer. I try not to shoot categories. I resist this trend as it doesn't suit me and the way I work.

skyfotos.net and copterstockmedia.com
Lofty perspectives is what you will find there. I produce aerial images.

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