Seeking out places which are untouched by human ambitions. Finding a way to see nature that differs from the usual.


"Newrnberg" is about seeing Nürnberg in a new way.

Mystic Reality

An exploration of the mystic side of Christmas. Infrared photography.


An experiment with the world seen at a different wavelength.


The horizon is the apparent line that divides the earth and the sky.

Dreams Gone By

This documentary is a silent series about broken dreams, changed paths, things that turned out different than they were intended to.

From Cold to Blue

Sometimes a photographer needs to search for the subject. Some other times, the subject finds the photographer.


DanceTracks combines photography and dance, light and movement.

Hans Arold

Hans Arold is known around Nürnberg for his strawberry plantations and tree nurseries. He stands for traditional agriculture, which is threatened by a lucrative property market. A silent struggle in which an uplifting environment is slowly disappearing.


It's all about a small place in Berlin. People enter, transform, and come out again. Be prepared! Or be amused!